Vegetation clearance for drainage

Wednesday 2nd showed SRT volunteers working both at Wenhaston and at the Southwold workshop. Now the bird nesting season is over, we have started on the tree works necessary to allow our neighbour access to improve his (and our) drainage. A team of four managed 2½ chains-worth of clearance – pretty good for the first day, often working in chest-high weeds. This work will continue through September.

Wenhaston Millennium Sign – work in hand

Meanwhile, workers from both Wenhaston and Southwold were doing some much finer-scale work on the Wenhaston Millennium station sign, with the original designer, Becky, painting the white background which will give the colours more vibrancy. We are hoping that the sign will go back on Blyford Lane: Suffolk County Council’s Highways Department will be making the final decision.

Two very different types of Wenhaston work