The Southwold Railway is running several projects at the moment. Each Project has its own page with lots of details and you can follow progress on each Project in the Blog.

Project  “BLYTH”

Blyth's sister locomotive Halesworth
Blyth’s sister locomotive Halesworth

We are planning to construct a replica of No.3 BLYTH – the only one of the three original 2-4-0T locos that was in service throughout the whole 50 years of the railway’s operation. BLYTH will provide motive power for our Heritage Train Project to re-create a complete mixed train such as those running on the line from Opening Day in 1879.

Heritage Train Project

A reminder of what the SRT is all about

The SR was still using almost all its 1879 stock at closure in 1929 – an astonishing survival. Trains were almost always mixed, so, to complete the historically authentic picture, we are building a complete heritage mixed train such as those that ran on the line; the only time this has been attempted, we believe, in any narrow gauge!


Wenhaston Station Project

200stationIn May 2013 the Southwold Railway Trust purchased 31 acres of land at Wenhaston which included 22 chains of practically untouched, original trackbed. We have great plans for this land and await the outcome of our Appeal against the planning authorities’ rejection of the scheme in April 2015.

Trackbed Fund

trackbed fence1000


At the 2015 AGM members voted in favour of creating a separate project within the Trust to build up funds that will ultimately enable us to purchase affordable property or land that contains part of the former trackbed, or is close nearby. We are currently researching land registry deeds along the route.

Blyth Road Works

We have the opportunity to develop the site of the old Southwold Gasworks in Blyth Road, adjacent to the former railway line. Approval for this project was granted by Waveney District Council on May 17th 2016.