Wednesday saw fewer volunteers at Steamworks than usual but good progress was made across a number of projects.

Peter and Ian continued their work in the container that will become our new shop and model railway display.

The coach side that used to be in our shop in the High Street is installed with shelves behind for model railway displays. The shop counter is well underway.

Wisk and Richard moved two lengths of 50lb rail formerly used in the construction of points into the workshop.

First some old, very rusty bolts that held blade support brackets were removed with a mix of the angle grinder and a cold chisel.

Then the Jim Crow was dragged out and put to use working to straighten out the curves that had been needed for their former use.

Brian and Grant completed the primer undercoat on the level crossing gates.

Finally, Robin has one of the BVLR coaches upside down while he worked on the vacuum braking system (sorry I don’t have a photo of that)


Busy Volunteer Day