Here we all are on the post Christmas Track Walk on the 28th December. Traditionally we pause at the “cattle creep” just before Walberswick Station for a group photo, which we did,  and then, for a change, one at Walberswick Station, above, upon which our commemorative seat still stands. That end of the concrete slab is where the old Ticket Office was. The line of grass in the front marks the point where the telegraph wire came in.below the desk. The bottom of the pole was still in the ground outside when we cleared the site all those years ago. The top photograph is that rather wonderful section of trackbed which runs along the side of the Angel Marshes.


Here is the latest photograph from the Darlington workshop of North Bay Engineering showing the frames now painted. The six wheels should turn up soon and hopefully a future photograph will show it all the right way up! Blyth could be finished by this time next year if we can keep it funded. All contributions very gratefully received. You can sponsor a boiler tube for £240 as part of our 2-4-0 Club fundraising. The major new section of 3 foot gauge track, including turn-outs,  is due to go down this weekend thanks to our army reservist friends. Watch this space.


John Bennett  16th January, 2020


Christmas and New Year 2019/20