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Some snaps at Steamworks taken last weekend.

Thanks to Richard we now have this wonderful lever frame which works despite being in need of restoration. We intend to have some very hands-on machinery in the Museum and on site here so we are delighted with this. I have vivid memories of the Science Museum at Kensington when I was a kid. There were handles to turn and button to press which activated bits of machinery. It was brilliant and we are going to have some in our Museum when we get it. This will go on the land to the west of the site (visible beyond the chain link fence on the bottom photo) and we have some preliminary drawings which we will develop in due course. We have found a way of creating it cheaply but effectively and are seeking funding for it.

The beautiful Engine Shed doors are almost complete now. They have been painted during the last week.

Here is Oliver and a very tame robin who comes to see him quite a lot down there. You can just make him out on the right hand gable of the BVLR  water tower. Thronging with wildlife down there!


John Bennett 22.8.20 


Steamworks August 2020
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