All quiet on the eastern front. A snap taken outside the Station building and showing the BVLR building beyond.

Just to prove we have a workable workshop in the Engine Shed.

Oliver and Robin, ponder the moving of Scaldwell so that the electrician can access the end wall for wiring purposes. They moved it just enough.

This is the site just to the west of Steamworks that we did not know we owned until the Land Registry  pointed it out. But jolly useful it is and we will put a new building on it that will contain the Southwold Railway Museum, a larger shop and a hands-on facility for kids to help get them  get involved in engineering. There will be model railways to build and a Meccano Workshop so any old Meccano would be gratefully received. We have a good start but will need more. Model stuff would be good too.  We have a good idea for an inexpensive way of building it and will explain more anon.  Many of us remember the delights of the Science Museum at South Kensington where you could push button and turn handles to make the machinery work. That was inspiring to us as kids and we want to recreate that joy here. We really want to get kids involved with all this. We are setting up a Steam Team for folk of all ages to help maintain, operate and drive our steam locomotives including the replica Sharpie we will get next year. If you would like to help with that let us know.


John Bennett   18.9.20

Saturday 12th September 2020