Whew! It has been so hot and hectic I have not had a chance to post a blog since we opened on July 14th, I am very grateful to Keith Warren for providing these great photographs, of which some more later. At the top is Ted Swain with a railway lamp and the Charleroi Belgian Tram which is on display on the site. Two shots of passengers on the 7 1/4 inch  Blyth Valley Light Railway (BVLR)  and one taken in the new, not quite finished, Station building. The Egg and Shovel Cafe at the far end is punctuated with a shovel and, you may just spot, an egg. We have had lots of people coming down, and some interesting visitors form all kinds of other railways and groups across the country. To me, that is one of the most important elements of this site. And, of course, we are raising money for the 3ft gauge projects and generating many new members. In the end it is the people and what they do that make all this happen. Many thanks to them all and also to all our visitors.

John Bennett

Steamworks – 11.8.18