Here is our new Planet electric locomotive from Maxitrak. Many thanks to Alex Probyn for getting iy sorted out for us so quickly to get us out of trouble when our little petrol engine died.  Entered service on Wednesday last week and a great standby machine for the BVLR. Goes like a dream. Quite like its quiet operation but we can get a sound card!

In the Engine Shed Nigel Purdy with his full-size but condensed mock-up of the front end of “Blyth” with the real chimney we had cast on the top. That was a struggle to get it up there but John Barber was on hand with his block and tackle. Well done Ian Overton, John Handley and John Ridgway. The smokebox door we had had made is almost as heavy but will go on shortly when Nigel has a modus operandi. I think the coupling should be black.

John Barber with the splendid boat he made in the 1960s and which sailed beautifully across the lake. He had a remote controlled craft out there too and boats could be a feature down at Steamworks as well as the trains.

Oliver Densham drives our steam Opel which has been much in use over the past three weeks. Getting through a lot of coal. But the smell of it is marvellous and the more it goes round the better it runs. Oliver and Robin Vintner are an excellent Steam Team. We need a canopy over the station area, a stare tower and some proper coal storage here.

Today is the last day of the season – and a great one it has been. Thanks to all the volunteers and everyone who has worked so hard to inform and entertain our many visitors. Everyone impressed with the progress since last year and we hope to  do even better for next year with a lot of 3 foot gauge  track laying anticipated as well as some landscaping. We need more gardeners!  Lots and lots to do. Come and help!  Plastering the Station on Monday .


Steamworks – end of the season