It’s February already, and as far as Steamworks is concerned, there’s not a great deal going on, apart from quite a lot of cold, wet weather, which is at least doing a lot of good as far as the pond and the planting is concerned. Mind you, the days are slowly lengthening, and there’s quite a lot of feathered creatures pottering about, so we must be heading in the general direction of spring, and hopefully some on-site productivity as the situation improves, both meteorologically and epidemiologically speaking.


In the spirit of off-site productivity, for those of you who might be casting around for something to keep yourselves occupied during the cold and wet Lockdown days, we can now offer a new book of Southwold Railway scale drawings for railway modellers, ideal for that garden railway you were going to build once the garden either dries out sufficiently to support your weight, or relinquishes its thermal similarity to the Siberian steppes.

This useful book has been compiled and published during lockdown by John Ridgway, who writes the following;


The latest addition to the Trust on-line shop is a set of large-scale drawings of the Southwold Railway locomotives, coaches and wagons, primarily for modellers but of interest to all SR enthusiasts.

The drawings of Doug Clayton are well known, having been included in all the books on the Southwold Railway to date: Branchline to Southwold by Vic Mitchell and Keith Smith (Middleton Press, 1982 to date), The Southwold Railway by Peter Paye (Lightmoor Press, 2018) and The Southwold Railway by Rob Shorland-Ball (Pen & Sword, 2019) all of which will give details of the individual locos, coaches and wagons.

The drawings featured in this book, however, are the work of David Negus, current life member of the Southwold Railway Trust, who created them back in the 1970s and 80s.

They are reproduced at a scale of 16mm-to-the-foot so, allowing for ‘modellers licence’, they can thus be used for 4mm scale modelling (the correct three-foot gauge on 12mm track), 5.5mm scale (correct on 16.5mm track) and 15mm scale (correct on 45mm track).

The book is A4 size, wire-bound and available for £15 plus £5 p&p.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the above book, then you will find the listing for the item in the Shop here.



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