The Whistle is proudly displayed by Oliver Densham and Stewart Green

Oliver Densham and Stewart Green of the Southwold Railway Trust with an old train whistle donated to the 2-4-0 Club Locomotive Project by local Trust member John London. It will eventually sit on the cab roof. Trust Chairman John Bennett said that the Trust was delighted to receive it and was thrilled with the response since the launch of the 2-4-0 Club earlier this month since when a number of donations have been made. “I can almost hear the whistle!” he said.

Close up photo of the steam whistle

Sponsors can donate a component related to £240 shares. John Bennett also said “If anyone knows of any rolling stock which is or could be converted to three foot gauge (the unusual gauge of the Southwold Railway) we would be very pleased to hear from them”. The photo is taken in the Southwold Railway Shop (27 High Street, Southwold) which contains a full size replica of a Southwold railway coach.

Whistle Donated