Recent evidence (i.e. derogatory fliers) suggests that those opposed to our plans are also avid readers of this blog. So here’s a little food for their thoughts.

The Wenhaston jungle telegraph beats loud and strong and it became quite apparent that the Nimby coven had planned yet another SRT bear-baiting session at the public open forum preceding this months Parish Council Meeting. (Dec 16th 2015).

There was palpable disappointment among some of the coven when it became clear that SRT Chairman James had not taken his usual seat on the Parish Council as he was off preparing for a recuperative tea and biscuits at the James Paget.

The usual suspects were all fired up and ready to launch into yet another storm of nauseous protestations. John Clark was first with a list of re-jigged but really old and tiresome arguments. Philip Montague startled us all with the revelation that track had been laid on site (c’mon Phil, keep up!) …..That section of track is not ballasted in, is not long enough to support even one standard length railway carriage, has been put down in such a manner that it can be easily moved but, more importantly, was laid as a demonstration piece to show members and other interested parties just what SR track work looked like in real life and what little impact the track has on the surrounding flora and fauna. Lastly A.N.Other (sorry, I didn’t catch her name) enquired about the “earthworks” on SRT land inside the Blyford Lane gates. I think she must have been referring to the pile of stones and hardcore that will be laid to a) facilitate and strengthen a parking area for our volunteers cars and b) more importantly, to strengthen and give viable access across that stretch of SRT land which we are obliged to provide to our neighbourly farmer in order that he can access his grazing marsh and pastureland with heavy machinery. It appears our detractors have already raised these points with the SCDC Planning Enforcement Officer. I do hope his/her time is not being wasted.

I am delighted to say that before any of these issues could be fully aired and discussed, both the PC Chair and the PC Clerk intervened to say the “railway project” was no longer a subject for discussion because the closure date for appeals had passed and the subject would continue to be off limits whilst the appeal was being reviewed by the planning inspectorate. My thanks and hats off to both PC officials for this prompt initiative!

Once again, if our opponents just contacted the SRT directly, and particularly me as a Wenhaston resident, we would be only too glad to answer any concerns, on-site if necessary. However, we must remind non-members that SRT land is private and access other than with an SRT representative is tantamount to trespass.

Dennis Adams.

Whingers, enough is enough! – Official.