The Wenhaston team (odd to think that until October 2013 the Trust didn’t have such a thing!) spent Wednesday 21st August continuing with the trackbed walk clearance. Several large recumbent trees, blown down many moons ago, and – in some cases – re-rooting themselves all along the trunk, had defeated our combined efforts of stump-pulling and digging. With a little mechanical assistance, however, these hazards are being cleared.
At the original SR driftway crossing site, brambles have been cleared and gateposts have been delivered for the restoration of the southern gate (which will be fixed in place, as it’s not needed to be practical now). Why – I hear our readers cry – are we bothering to replace it, then? The answer is – it was there, and our endeavour is to restore the railway – as near as possible – to how it was before 1929, as an important part of local history. The northern gate and posts will be tackled next: this gate will be able to open, as it forms the only current access onto the trackbed for emergency vehicles, just in case someone has a medical problem on one of our track walks.

“Digger” Sean’s motion-activated cameras at various points along Trust land, so that we can monitor local wildlife, are proving interesting, and recording sundry species.
The Trust is pleased that the team is continuing to be enthusiastic, despite the persistent efforts of a small but vocal minority to stop us improving our own land.
While on the subject of track walks – we will be doing our first Sponsored Railway Walk on 27th September, led by Stewart Green, our shop manager. He will be carrying his model SR train, which will therefore perform the first SR train journey since 1929. The total distance – which is about 10 miles, as there’s some diversions from the trackbed – is available for sponsorship, and is open to more walkers. Funds raised will go towards current SRT projects. Please contact us in the “Comments” section, below, or on 01502 725422 to sponsor, or to take part – forms can also be found in the SRT shop at 27 High Street, Southwold.

Undaunted by criticism, the team perseveres at Wenhaston – and the first SR Sponsored Walk is announced