oday, on Friday May 13th (luckily, we are not triskaidekaphobic, having quite enough bad luck to cope with from public bodies on every day), the Southwold Railway Trust re-launches the Wenhaston Archive website with original provider Blythweb, and will host it from now on. The future of this unique collection of photographs, covering the life of this historic village, has been confirmed by the Trust’s sponsorship of the costs involved in keeping it accessible to residents and the wider public. The Trust has invested in extra server space to allow the Archive to grow.
Wenhaston resident Becky Canham has taken on the administration of the website – which is ideal, as she knows pretty well everyone in the village! The Trust, a landowner in the parish, has many Wenhaston members, and is determined to become an even more integral part of the community: although only some of the images are of the railway, they are all of historic and personal interest, so that this sponsorship is very much in keeping with the aims of the charity.

Although Trust members and many of the public only know of Wenhaston because of its historical importance in having the first (and for a while, only) intermediate station on the Southwold Railway, this Archive puts that in its context in the community, as it has developed.
The relaunched Archive can be found on http://www.wenhastonarchive.org.uk, and we hope that everyone will enjoy the aspects of rural life depicted: more images are sought to increase the scope of the Archive.

Trust re-launches Wenhaston Archive