Some time ago we were contacted by a Wenhaston resident, who had recently inherited his aunt’s cottage and was renovating it to use it as a holiday retreat. Some of the upper floor beams were given additional cross support, many years ago, by lengths of Southwold railway track, and he decided to make a feature of these supports by featuring a static model of No 4 Wenhaston and a carriage, The model is now proudly displayed on top of the rail between two of the beams in the kitchen – quite a talking point! Perhaps it won’t be too long before a full-size SR train runs once again at Wenhaston on SR rails?

One thought on “SR train at Wenhaston

  • 30th July 2011 at 2:08 pm

    This is yet another example of Southwold rail being used in structures. The rail at Henham Estate has been mentioned in a previous Blog. At Southwold the Carriage shed was built of it, as was the footbridge over the cutting on the common. One of the wooden sheds in the station yard had an internal rail strengthening frame. Was this put in when the station was bombed by a Zeppelin in WW1? The original bridge at Blythburgh had rail used to strengthen it and it has been suggested that the concrete of the replacement was reinforced with rail. When the bridge was demolished it was said that this proved difficult because of the solidness of the Structure. The goods shed at Halesworth used rail for its framework and rail has also been found as part of a building in the town.

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