It’s gone virol!  Here is our illustrious Station Master, Oliver Denham,  who has done so much during lockdown to continue the improvements to Steamworks, including some new signs he has had made up for us.   I remember Virol from when I was child. Used to bring me out in a rash as I recall. The original subtext was “good for anaemic girls”  but that was thought a little sexist now so amended as shown.  “Brings you out in a rash” wasn’t really suitable either.

A new driver’s seat unit for the BVLR which John Ridgway is assembling from a kit we have acquired. Below a shot inside the new end of the Engine Shed showing the excellent space for the new workshop.


A new lamp and a rather better surface to the ground between the engine shed and the BVLR. That’s a new soap ad on the right.


John Bennett  22nd June 2020

Looking good at Steamworks, Saturday 20th June 2020