Halesworth resident Jan Martin came up with ‘The Box of the SOUTHWOLD RAILWAY’ as part of her training at art college in 1980, following the interest generated by the centenary of the line the previous year. Jan designed this Memory Box as an educational resource to bring the railway’s history to life without making if a mere ‘information pack’ or presenting purely a cut-out model and accessories without relating them to their historical background.  The Box contains a coloured map of the route with contemporary photos of the main stations and features, along with exact replicas of First- and Third- class season tickets and return tickets from Wenhaston to Liverpool Street! Additionally there are photos of each train staff (as used in operation each single line section of the route) and a couple of splendid water colour portraits of characters connected with the line, which we hope to reproduce in future issues of the Trust’s newsletters for members.

Box of the Southwold Railway