Southwold Railway Heritage Project model

We were delighted to be able to present our plans for reinstating part of the Southwold Railway adjacent to the original station site at Wenhaston recently. There was much positive feedback from local residents and we have been able to address some of the issues raised at the meeting and tweak our designs as we add the final touches to our planning application. Nigel Purdy’s terrific model of the proposed heritage site brought David Negus’s designs to life, showing how the engine shed, workshop, visitor centre and offices have been designed to fit within the area without predominating in any way.

The actual application will be deferred for a few months to enable a thorough wildlife survey to be undertaken at the start of the 2011 breeding season. This will help us to ensure that our plans deal accurately with any possible effect of the heritage project on local wildlife, and enable us to preserve and enhance wildlife habitats wherever possible. Keep reading the blog for future developments!

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