The Southwold Railway Trust has submitted a planning application to build a replica station at Wenhaston, a maintenance and visitor building, car park and landscaping.  None of this can happen unless the SRT secures ownership of the land.  With other bidders looking at the site we need to act now or the chance will be lost.  Can you help?  There are 22 chains of original Southwold Railway that our plans would reopen to rail traffic.  We have therefore launched the 22 club.  To purchase the whole site of 31 acres we need to raise the equivalent of £5,500 per chain (22 yards).  £2,750 buys half a chain and £250 a yard of trackbed.  A single foot works out at £85, while for only £7 you can sponsor one inch, so there’s something for everyone! Anyone sponsoring one foot or more will get their name on a sponsorship plaque, while a whole or half chain comes with Life membership of the Southwold Railway Trust. If we are unable to buy the site donations will be refunded.  If we purchase the site but planning permission is denied we will preserve the site, and offer trackbed walks and wildlife education.  If we fail to buy the land and it is sold for alternative use with a commercial purpose, a little bit more of the Southwold Railway will be lost forever! Please help us now before it is too late.  Donations great or small can be made via the Southwold Railway Shop; telephone us on 01502 725422 to donate by card.  Cheques to “Southwold Railway Trust” can be sent to “The Treasurer, Southwold Railway Shop, 27 High Street, Southwold, IP18 6AD. We hope to be enable sponsors to donate via the website in the near future and look forward to hearing from you.

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