It’s great that we’ve now got the land!

The revised planning application is now with Suffolk Coastal District Council, but finding it on their pages is convoluted, to say the least! To register your support please go to ‘scdc planning’ page, then scroll down to the foot of the page to find the link marked ‘planning applications quick search’. This will take you to the relevant page, where you can enter the application number, which is 13/0833 for details about the revised plan.
Do, please, spread the word and support us in our quest to return steam to the Blyth valley!

Support needed for Wenhaston Station Project

2 thoughts on “Support needed for Wenhaston Station Project

  • 24th July 2013 at 7:05 pm

    I have tried in vain to access the Planning application no.13/0833, following your instructions (which we have also published in Narrow Gauge News! Can this mean that the Application has been approved? I do hope so.

  • 12th August 2013 at 7:17 pm

    Philip – sadly, no – the SCDC website for planning was down for some considerable time, perhaps because of the ongoing long process of the amalgamation of SCDC and Waveney planing departments.
    Although a decision in late August is possible, it’s more probable to be September at the earliest. It looks reasonably hopeful so far, despite the long delay (it took 9 months in 2012), though the Parish Council and the neighbours have not changed their opinion, despite the very considerable changes made in mitigation of their problems with the previous application.
    It seems that the SCDC website will still take expressions of support: at present, the “antis” are ahead – so we need more people to say that they support the application, please

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