Making the most of some lovely weather on the final workdays of the month.  At the top, this fine piece of biblical carpentry is not an Ark about to float off onto the Lake but the new platform canopy for the BVLR  at Steamworks. It is being built very robustly by John (or is it Noah?), Bert and Bob. There will be a pitched roof soon with some cast-iron spandrel brackets at each end that someone gave to us.  At the bottom, our tremendously useful little Ferguson tractor is in harness moving various items like old MOD wagons and rolls of carpet (left over from the lining of the Lake)  from the trackbed which runs right along our southern boundary and will (soon I hope) support our 80 yards of 3 foot gauge track. That is Dave in the driving seat assisted by John H, Ian and Grant.


John Bennett  28.2.10

End of February, 2019