Here is a picture taken in one of the two 10 foot first class carriages of the Manx carriage. Note the new glass and the diagonal floor boarding.



John and Bob have just fitted this rather splendid level crossing gate lamp on the BVLR crossing.


Oliver and Robin working on “Rosie”  in the new shed (kindly given to us by Mark Eaton). Once stripped down and rebuilt, this should be in operation for the new season beginning at Easter 2020. Great to have a good height bench and some useful lighting.
We were given this rather fine waiting room seat from the station at Campsea Ashe. It fits well in the Station Cafe and John Barber will recover the seat with some closely matching vinyl that he has. We were going to build a bench seat all the way along with storage below. Now we will just do this at the two ends.



John Bennett 25.11.19

End of November 2019