Some pictures from the Wednesday work day.  Above, various Gilets Jaunes  (Ian, Toby and John H plus Grant)  are sorting out the embankment earthworks by the BVLR track in the southwest corner of the Steamworks site. Not the warmest of days but no wind fortunately.

In the Engine Shed Workshop Bob and John are working on the structure for the Platform Canopy for the BVLR.

….whilst Dave is reassembling the small petrol locomotive having decoked it and given it a thorough overhaul. We are determined to have plenty of working locomotives for the BVLR during this year.

Nigel and Mike are scraping and sanding the mahogany counter top to the kitchen and the ticket office in the Station end. Internal jobs are good at this time of year.

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John Bennett 24.1.19

23rd January, 2019