Trust volunteers on a day out at the Mid-Norfolk Railway

A note on the SR blog – a complaint has been received on the content of this blog, so it seems appropriate to lay down a few ground rules.

  1. The blog is independent, has more than one blogger, and does not necessarily represent the official views of the Trust
  2. We believe in a free press, within the law
  3. Each blog has an easily-accessible “Comments” section immediately below: this is the appropriate place to comment, or complain (or indeed praise!) the blog. Every adverse comment will be carefully and fully investigated and answered
  4. We are very much in favour of interaction and engagement – as wide a range as possible of opinion should be represented
  5. If we get things factually wrong (which may of course happen from time to time) – let us know, and they will be corrected, in public – this is a public service
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